Research experience in France during or after a Master

The Network "n + I”, in partnership with ANRT, Campus France, Arts et Métiers, offers a special program for you! the FIER-DOC "French innovative Experience in Research"

福建时时彩十选一 The FIER-DOC French Innovative Experience in Research programme is aimed at candidates who are completing a Master (or who have already got one) and who want to acquire knowledge and experience in the management of "research projects" and eventually to pursue on a doctoral thesis.

Aims of the programme

To acquire the skills required to manage research projects (patents, intellectual property, ethics, contract drafting, project management, communication, etc.) useful to any future manager of applied research programs and to participate in a unique research experience in France.

And for future PhD students:

    For applicants: to estimate the doctoral thesis that will be asked and to discover the living environment in France (housing, children's education, culture, tourism, ..) or simply to get a research experience in France.
    For the thesis supervisor and the research team: to test the scientific competence and experimental skills of the applicant and his ability to adapt to the work and methods of the laboratory.


You have until June 15, 2018 to register and participate in the 2019 spring session which will begin February 1, 2019 with 2 months of course in Paris followed by a research internship in one of the many French laboratories associated.

After a FIER-DOC there are several possibilities for funding the doctoral thesis including grants co-funded by French companies (CIFRE Program ANRT).


RECRUITMENT Spring Session 2019

June, 15th  :   Deadline for application and validation            
September, 15th:   On line offers of labs to candidates              
October, 30th :   Answers from candidates                  
December, 31st:   Deadline for payments                      
February 1st :   Welcome                         
February 1st - March 31st :   Seminar at ENSAM                     
April 1st -  June 27th :   Internship in a research lab                 
June 28th – 30th :   Final seminar at ENSAM

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